Southwark Erotic Massage

Welcome to Cloud9’s new massage branch at Southwark , London. If you stay at Waterloo, Southwark, Newington area, our erotic massage treatments would be your perfect choice for the day. We offer a large variety of authentic erotic massages that please every client in London southwark. From local massage lovers to international travelers, we have different type of services with different therapists to fit different needs. We offer Nuru massage, Body to body massages, Tantric massage, Lingam massage, Prostate massage, Soapy massages, Tie&tease massage and many special bespoked services…

Why Cloud9

Our tantric massage is full naturist and includes normal, body to body and prolonged lingam massage. It integrates elements of both tantric massage and erotic massage and blends it into a very sensual experience that is total bliss for body and soul.

Our speciality is Nuru massage (Japanes B2B). It means using long and length wise body slides whereby I use the whole of my body to massage you which will make you feel warm, relaxed and deeply aroused. This type of massage brings us into close personal contact and is a deeply sensual experience that will stay with you for quite a while!

Our sessions are renowned for their level of sensuality and personal involvement and your massage goddess would keep eye contact during much of the session.

Whether you are in a relationship or single, young or old, Tantra will bring a new dimension to your life and your relationships. From the intense pleasure of multiple orgasms, to sexual healing and developing intimacy and a sense of spiritual connections, it is part of your path to fulfilment. Because it is not just about sexuality but about being alive to your senses!

Incall & Outcall Massage

We can provide both incall and outcall services in Southwark area. If you would like to visit a massage parlour or independent masseuse at southwark or waterloo area, you can make an appointment with us and we will make arrangement for you. In the meantime, Cloud9 outcall massage system will make sure you can enjoy our massage treatment at anyplace in central London, after you book a massage, your masseuse will visit your place discreetly with all items needed and you can have a good time with lovely masseuse at your own place.

Southwark Masseuses This Week

Cloud9 Southwark branch’s therapists are truly remarkable. Not only are they sensationally beautiful Goddesses, each has a unique magical touch that will literally drive your senses wild.

Southwark massage therapists are well trained and qualified. They have years of experience and know how to serve and satisfy a variety of clients. They know the pain and tension their clients are in and are hence able to massage their worries away.

Southwark Sensual Massage

The sensual part of Tantric massage is as the word says “All about your senses” coming alive. It is easy to go for a body rub and call it a tantric massage. It is something else to integrate your deepest sensual feelings with the erotic part of the massage. Sensual massage just does that and when the massage is brought to a joyful conclusion this integration is one of the reasons why your orgasm is deep and powerful and will not wear off very soon or feel superficial afterwards.

southwark massage therapist giving massage
southwark massage bed

The EROTIC Side…

Erotic massage focusses more on the physical part of the massage. It is about stroking and touching your lingam in just the right way, teasing and caressing your testicles and perineum and stimulating the anal area in such a way that you will feel wonderfully aroused leading to the powerful build up of sexual energy. There are so many nerve ends who when stimulated in just the right way will let you start riding the wave which means being on the verge of orgasmic pleasure. I will slow you down and build you up until you decide to have it all…

Southwark Massage Parlour location

Our southwark branch located in a discreet building near Southwark and Waterloo station, you will be provide detail guide after we confirm your appointment.

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