Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

All the terms apply equally and unconditionally to all our clients. We reserve the right at all time to refuse any client whose intent, behavior and appearance are not consistent with our views and policy.

1. Age:

– You must be 18 y.o. or over.

2. Fees:

– You must ensure that you have the required cash fee in unsealed envelope prior your masseuse arrival.

3. Booking:

– For the hotel booking we will require your full name, room number, name of the hotel, the address and the phone number.

– For the home visit you need to provide your full name, full address and postcode and your landline number (for security reasons we always check that details provided by you do correspond).

– You can book massage only for yourself, not for somebody else.

4. Service:

– Make sure that you had a shower shortly before the masseuse arrival.

– Please refrain from alcohol or drugs before or during your service.

– If you wish to extend your massage, please inform your masseuse within first 10 minutes of her arrival.

– No soliciting!

– Respect the masseuse boundaries at all times.

– You must be alone in the room during your massage session

– We do not tolerate any verbal or physical abuse of our staff; any serious incident will be reported to police.

5. Cancelations

– Cancelation/postponement of your booking within 2 hours of your confirmed booking will incur 100 GBP fee.

– Cancelation of your booking within first 10 minutes of your masseuse arrival will incur 100 GBP fee

– Cancelation of your booking past 10 minutes after your masseuse arrival will incur the full massage fee agreed upon at the time of the booking.

Any breach of the agreed Terms without legal excuse will result in an immediate and permanent ban.

6. Disclaimer

All the information on CLOUD9 massage Agency website is correct at the time of publishing, although we reserve the right to change prices, terms and conditions of our services, etc. at any time without prior notice.

Please note: All our therapists are self employed independent practitioners, they use The Cloud9 for advertising of their own free will, as this saves them time dealing with websites, advertising and answering telephones, it allows them to do what they do best, massage therapy. All our incall locations are owned or rented by the therapists themselves as this is their practise, each therapist is responsible for their therapies; The Cloud9 is not responsible for any loss or damage. All our Therapists offer holistic therapy only and do not offers sexual services.

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